TO see the Autobahn Mirror at the
SEMA  Convention 2006
At VISION. we realized that in order for a
vehicle to remain "sharp" and beautiful
required more than a good paint job and
washing. It required accident protection.
POOF!!!! The Amazing Autobahn Mirror was
the solution. Now that the driver didn't have
to look over his shoulder and take his eyes off
of the road, he could avoid potential accidents.
And VISION was correct. It's hard to tell
exactly how many LIVES & automobiles were
saved by using the Amazing Autobahn Mirror,
but just one accident avoided is worth the
cost of one of these mirrors.
And you can use the Amazing Autobahn
Mirror on your passenger side also. And how
about you Motorcycle riders? That's right!!
There is an Amazing Autobahn Mirror
designed for
motorcycles also!!!